Technology Assessment

GBI's team of business executives and IT professionals has been directly involved in, and responsible for, creating value through the implementation of technology innovations. Our own experiences have been the basis for GBI's Assessment Methodology: Discover, Assess, Define and Plan.

Discover your business & technology needs

Through the Discovery process, our team will work with your company's senior business executives and technology leaders to develop a vision that best describes the desired future state and meets the demands of the company.

Assess your current technology state

We will inventory and assess your entire spectrum of current IT capabilities and evaluate all existing infrastructure to determine the value of your current portfolio of products, technical operations and services.

Define your technology roadmap

Our team will work closely with you to define the proper technology blueprint for your organization and develop a customized technology solution with the goal of maximizing your current assets.

Plan your technology future

Once we've discovered, assessed and defined your requirements and roadmap, we will deliver a comprehensive strategy report that mitigates your risk by outlining the company's:

  • Specific business priorities
  • Resource dependencies
  • Timeline for technology development and deployment strategy
  • Expected returns from technology investments that produce demonstratable ROI

At GBI, we team up with you to discover your business potential, assess your current technologies, define with you your technology road map and plan with you your technology future.